Nico Francioli

Einerseits / Andererseits

Der erste, limitierte Druck von Nico Francioli ist in unserem Shop auf erhältlich. 

Nico Francioli / FRNCL

1982 – Look what you made me / Blinded by the Gods; Limited Edition Original (yellow/white)
2021; Spraypaint on offset-printed 300g/qm Recycling-Paper; 50 x 70cm / approx. 19,7 x 27,6 inches;  without frame; Signed and numbered on the back. Limited to 31 pieces. Each is unique, yet the same. The last 12 are available exclusively at This Is Not True.

Am Ende der lebhaften Debatte waren sich alle Anwesenden einig, dass die Nichtanwesenden  Schuld am Niedergang der Menschheit waren / Faces of death
2021; acrylics, spraypaint, concrete, mixed feelings and paper on board, framed; signed
ca. 120 x 178,5cm

Verkauft / sold

Remains of a solid state / Insignificance is the biggest enemy of peace
2021; acrylics, spraypaint, affiche paper (collage) on falcon board; framed; signed
ca. 60 x 81cm

Verkauft / sold

The never ending quest for beginnings / RRRetail
2021; acrylics, spray paint, tape, cement, affiche paper (collage) on falcon board, framed; signed; ca. 49,5 x 68cm

Vekauft / sold

Layers of Filth / Underestimated sadness
2021; acrylics, spraypaint and affiche paper (collage) on falcon board, framed; signed
ca. 70,5 x 50,5

verkauft / sold